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Smart Spending: Mastering Cost Control

Smart Spending: Mastering Cost Control

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Are you eager to increase your business's profitability and reduce your expenses?

Welcome to an exceptional opportunity to master the art of cost savings with this helpful "Smart Spending: Mastering Cost Control" course.

Led by  an experienced Chartered Accountant, this meticulously crafted program equips you with invaluable insights and techniques that will revolutionize your purchasing power and drive remarkable savings for your business.

Prepare for an immersive learning experience as you're guided through a comprehensive curriculum, designed to empower you with the knowledge and strategies to help you pay less for your goods and services.

Course Curriculum:

  1. Unlocking the Power of Discounts: Explore various discount options and learn when and how to leverage them effectively. Witness the remarkable impact of discounts through a real-life example.

  2. Maximizing Rebates: Discover the art of utilizing rebates to get money back from your suppliers and boost your bottom line.

  3. The Power of Supplier Partnerships: Learn how to become a certified partner and unlock new revenue streams through collaborative supplier relationships.

  4. Leveraging Credit Cards: Uncover savings by utilizing credit cards to access free credit and earn valuable rewards.

  5. Unlocking Promotional Stock Opportunities: Gain insights into securing free or discounted stock from your suppliers.

  6. The Art of Bartering: Explore how bartering can save you money.

  7. Sharing Marketing Costs: Learn smart strategies to help reduce your marketing expenses.

  8. Referrals: Learn how to tap into one of the most powerful ways to secure more sales and expand your customer base.

  9. Leveraging Supplier Social Media: The best ways to harness the potential of your suppliers' social media platforms to drive sales and amplify your brand awareness.

  10. Building Trust with Suppliers: Master the art of earning trust with your suppliers and cultivating long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

  11. The Science of Negotiation: Learn expert negotiation tactics and techniques to maximize value and achieve favorable outcomes.


Meet Your Expert Guide: Justin Duveen CA(SA)

Led by Justin Duveen, a skilled chartered accountant and financial management expert with over 20 years of experience, this course guarantees to deliver actionable strategies that have proven successful for numerous companies across various industries.

Justin has an impressive track record, having spearheaded cost optimization efforts, business transformations and growth strategies for large, listed companies in the UK, Australia and South Africa. His outstanding performance has earned him prestigious awards in the past, including accolades for best cost saving and best business performance.

Now residing in the beautiful city of Cape Town, Justin is passionate about sharing his expertise and helping you unlock hidden opportunities within your business to pay less for your goods and services..

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your purchasing practices and drive significant cost savings.

Increase cash flow, buy "Smart Spending: Mastering Cost Control" today.

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Increase Your Cash Flow


Full of strategies and insights to help you improve your cash flow and elevate your business performance.


Includes full access to this masterclass for 6 months.

Includes workbooks and real world examples.

Helping you focus where it matters most.

Full money-back guarantee

When you enroll in the masterclass, you'll receive, a no questions asked, full money-back guarantee for the first 30 DAYS.

So, if within the first 30 days, you aren't completely happy with your purchase and you haven't received more value than this masterclass cost you, then you can simply get a full refund, no questions asked.