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Boost Cash Flow - Proven Strategies to Increase Cash Flow And Grow Your Business (e-book)

Boost Cash Flow - Proven Strategies to Increase Cash Flow And Grow Your Business (e-book)

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Do you struggle with cash flow in your business?

Unlock expert strategies to increase cash and grow profits.

Written for owners and leaders of small and medium sized businesses.

This e-book offers you the opportunity to learn the strategies used by top Chartered Accountants to effectively and efficiently increase the amount of cash in your bank account.

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Written by Justin Duveen CA(SA) a seasoned and award winning Chartered Accountant and finance coach.

Profit and Cash Boosting Strategies You Will Learn:

  1. The Benefits of Cash Flow Management – How your business can benefit by improving your cash flow management skills.
  2. Strategies to Increase Cash Flow – High level strategies to help you increase the amount of cash your business generates. 
  3. Understanding Payment Terms – The most commonly used payment terms and how these are decided upon.
  4. Impact of Changing Payment Terms – How changing payment terms can free up cash.
  5. Unlocking the Power of Discounts - Exploring the various discount options and understanding when and how to leverage these effectively. 
  6. Optimum Stock Levels – how to calculate optimum stock levels, to free up cash tied up in excess inventory or to prevent losing out on sales from being understocked.
  7. Reducing Lead Times  - Discover how reducing supplier lead times can free up cash.
  8. Deposits – How and why to use deposits to unlock cash.
  9. Invoice Factoring – How and when to explore invoice factoring to extend payment terms. 
  10. Supplier Partnerships and Exclusivity – How becoming a certified partner or obtaining product or service exclusivity can help grow revenue.
  11. Where to Focus – Time is money, where to focus for best results.
  12. How to Build Trust – Trust is earned, some tips on how to earn it.
  13. How to Negotiate – Smart negotiators get more value, some strategies for optimum results.

This e-book is a valuable and practical resource for CEOs and leaders of small and medium sized businesses who want to boost their cash flow and grow their profits.

It has been written for those without extensive financial expertise and it explains the fundamentals clearly and simply, making the strategies easy to understand and implement.

Buy the book today to access these profit-and cash boosting strategies.


Increase Your Cash Flow


Full of strategies and insights to help you improve your cash flow and elevate your business performance.


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